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The Fat Boy Belt


Don't let the name get you! The fat boy belt is for skinny people  too! The Fat Boy Belt is a handmade leather product from North Carolina's Two Fools Leather Goods. This belt has a rear clasping mechanism and features a classic look and comfortable fit. After getting our hands on one, there is no reason you would ever need to make another belt purchase.  See for yourself!

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A message from the craftsman: 

I decided to put my leather expertise to work & design what I believe to be the best belt on the market today. Introducing (drumroll) Fat Boy Belts by Two Fools Leather Goods. These soon to be world famous belts are made from one piece of 10-12, or 14-16 oz. English Harness Leather. If this stuff is used for Draft Horse harnesses surely it will hold up to a little strain from my expanding waist line.Try one of my Fat Boy Belts & see for yourself why they are undoubtedly the best belts on the market.

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Fat Boy Belt Regular.png
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