Introducing The Fat Boy Belt

The name Ties To The South means a lot more to us than just bow ties.  It also means supporting small southern businesses who are working hard every day to be successful.  With that in mind, we are proud to partner with Two Fools Leather Goods to provide you with the highest quality hand made belt you can get your hands on!  We would tell the story, although it is much better told by the belt maker himself, Curt Gillock:


Several years ago I got tired of wearing a belt with a metal buckle that chipped paint on my classic cars, left creases in my expanding beer belly, rusted because us fat boys sweat a little bit more, chipped the finish off of the bedroom floor at night, set off the metal detector at airports, & became entangled in my climbing harness when I was scaling the north slope of Mt. McKinley. 

Well I just added that last reason to make you think I was in much better shape than I really am. Makes a great story though. Also I got very annoyed at the belts on the market that were two pieces of thin leather stitched together to make consumers think they were of adequate thickness to be a good belt (hogwash). Because after we pay 25 to 30 bucks for one of these supposedly adequate belts which after being worn for a month or so roll from the strain of us fat boys ever expanding waist lines (and my wife tells me I look like a pot roast with a string tied around it when I take off my shirt on the beach on the Riviera). Well at least I had on bermuda shorts & my ever faithful combat boots on, I wonder what she would say, if I had bought that thong at the duty free shop? 

Well none the less, I decided to put my leather expertise to work & design what I believe to be the best belt on the market today. Introducing (drumroll) Fat Boy Belts by Two Fools Leather Goods. These soon to be world famous belts are made from one piece of 10-12, or 14-16 oz. English Harness Leather. This stuff is used for Draft Horse harnesses surely it will hold up to a little strain from my expanding waist line. Over several years of testing & a couple of tweaks to the design on myself & several of my hunting buddies they are the only belt we now wear. Heck, I have even made them for skinny fellers who swear they are the best damn gun belts available. They haven't chipped paint, left creases, rusted, became entangled in any climbing harness on my recent expeditions, (hey it makes the story flow), or caused any problems at the airport (other than a traffic jam when the nimrod TSA agent makes you remove it & all the other fat boys in line want to know where you found such an innovative, sturdy, & downright smart looking belt).That's my cue to start handing out cards (which causes even more of a backup). 

Try one of my Fat Boy Belts & see for yourself why they are undoubtedly the best belts on the market.




Here is a video review of the Fat Boy belt for those of you who want to hear a little bit more!