Ties To The South Founders 


Claire, Co-Founder of Ties To The SouthTitle: Marketing Director
Home  State: Louisiana
Ties To The South: Born and raised in Southeast Louisiana, I am in my last semester of college at Louisiana State University where I am graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Management and Internal Audit.  I love homemade biscuits, my Daddy’s gumbo, sweet tea, chivalry, Saturday night football in Death Valley and a well-dressed southern gentleman. 
Favorite Tie: The Stars and Stripes
Contact: CBTiesToTheSouth@gmail.com




Jordy, Co-Founder of Ties To The SouthTitle: Operations Director
Home State: Texas
Ties To The South: Born and raised in Texas, I graduated from Louisiana State University where I obtained a degree in Accounting and Internal Audit.  To me, being from the south is playing corn hole with the family on Thanksgiving, Saturday nights in Death Valley and barbecued ribs.
Favorite Tie: The Oak
Contact: JSTiesToTheSouth@gmail.com





Judy, Co-Founder of Ties To The South
Title: Design and Manufacturing Director
Contact: JudyTiesToTheSouth@gmail.com