Frequently Asked Questions

I saw a bow tie I really liked, but you are sold out.  Can I still get one?

Sorry you missed out! Our products do tend to move quickly but we work hard to keep as many on the shelves as possible.  If there is a specific tie that you like, but is sold out, please go to our "Contact Us" section and shoot us a message.  You will be contacted by one of our representatives who can work with you on your request.  

Do you make bow ties for kids?

You bet!  We can make most of our models into smaller sizes for children, just fill out the custom order form! Some designs may not be available if we no longer carry the fabric.

How long will it take for my bow-tie to ship?

Just can't wait to try it on huh? Most orders will ship within 3 business days.  If you are doing a custom order, shipping dates will be determined on an individual basis.

Why aren't my state colors listed?

Try looking through "the whole 9 yards section" for your choice of colors. Because we are a new business, we chose  to start with the southern states that we're most familiar with, but if demand is shown for other color combinations, we'll try to add to our inventory! If there is something in particular you want, please visit our custom order page!

Are your bow-ties really hand made in the US? 

Yes! They really are.  We do not outsource the fabrication of our bow-ties to China like our competitors! All fabrics are hand selected  and each tie is individually pieced together in Texas!

I love my bow-tie and I want to get another one just like it but I can't find it on your site.  Why is that?

Since we don't mass produce our products, each design you receive will be very unique! For this same reason, our designs are constantly updated and we don't always acquire the same fabrics.  However, if there is something that you want, please submit a request to our Custom Order section and we will do our best to fulfill your request! 

I am about to tie the knot.  Will you create a custom bow tie set for the groomsmen at my wedding?

 We would love to! Please visit the Custom Orders section of our website.  As you know, since each tie is hand made, we will need to know well in advance that you would like us to do your event.  Our representatives are standing by and ready to work with you!